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Oh hello, fancy seeing you here.

My name is Sydney, I am an environment student at the University of Waterloo who will take any opportunity to go outside and take photos.


I have always been super passionate about the environment, and capturing nature through photography is my way of exposing people to the beauty of wildlife. I have been practicing this art for several years at this point and I felt the need to share this art collaboration between myself and Earth with you. 

I think of myself as a translator; when walking around outside you might see the odd songbird scattered through some trees and think nothing of it, I see one of the many work's of art that this planet produces. Through my photography, the goal is to show people how gorgeous the wildlife in their backyards and around their neighbourhoods truly are, and to inform them that they are not apart from nature, they just aren't looking hard enough. 

I am by no means a professional photographer, but I do have an eye for the art of nature photography. You see a single tree, I see an ecosystem and a museum waiting to get its photo taken. I can't tell you how I do it, but I know why I want to do it.

You should try it sometime.


" Do something today, that your future self will thank you for. "

- Sean Patrick Flanery

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