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  • Sydney Daniels

wildlife in whitby

Whitby Lightning and Whitby Wolves aren't the only ones who call this their home turf.

Going for walks or siting on your porch are great ways learn who your neighbours really are, (interpret that however you want). Look down and you might find some cool insects, or a cute little rabbit. Or try looking up and you could see some pretty butterflies or colourful songbirds. It's that easy.

Sometimes, the really cool creatures don't even need to have skeleton. Just listen; you know how when you just lie on the ground, you just start feeling a lot better about everything? (No, just me?). Well you know what makes that even better? Doing it outside! You can see different angles of plants you've never seen before, or flip on your back for some quality cloud watching.

Going on walks or bike rides are great ways to find some cool paths or trails, with some even cooler residents. Just keep wandering around to your heart's content. That's what my sisters and I did, and we found a pond with some turtles and frogs! (We didn't even know we had ponds in Brooklin.)

Go take a hike... it's really nice outside.

No seriously, do it. It's a great way to get some light exercise, some fresh air, and just relax. Very therapeutic (for me at least). Plus the added reward of finding amazing critters that you didn't even know were living around the corner.

A great spot in Brooklin is Carnwith Dr. and Way St., or if you're looking for a more natural setting, go visit local conservation areas, like Durham Forest or Lynde Shores.

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