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summer of '22

Basically just some cool plants I saw at work and then some...

Working 8 to 5

Seeing as the majority of my summer was spent at work, most of the photos I took over the summer came from work, and honestly, I'm not mad about it. Practically every shift meant some new plant pictures. Whenever we would get a new delivery from "market", or a new shipment of pottery, or some creatures I found living in the soil and around the greenhouse, chances are I am taking a picture of it. After almost four months of work, I managed to take over 200 photos. I captured so many tropicals, annuals, insects, and other gorgeous leaves and flowers that deemed themself to be photo-worthy. One reason behind why there are so many pictures in my camera roll is to contemplate and reflect as if they are potential plants that I might take home and add to my collection. Others are simply gorgeous plants existing as they are, and I wanted photo evidence of how beautiful they looked before someone took them home or they are ruined by the brutality that is retail. Even though there were several slow, long, scorching hot days, it was definitely a treat getting paid whilst surrounded by plants.

Lake time

It goes without saying that Syd loves her outside time. Any time spent out near a body of water is time well spent for me. I do not care about the weather or the time of day, if I'm camping or visiting a cottage, all I want to be in or on the lake the whole trip. The first lake I visited was very close to home. I had a visitor and we decided to go out for lunch at Heyden Shores. This lake is not terribly exciting, but it was still nice spending the afternoon by Lake Ontario and sorting through the rocks on the ground. The next lake was definitely more eventful. I got to visit a cottage on Bigwin Island, located on the Lake of Bays. This was a lovely Canada day trip filled with fireworks, card games, and quality time. I also went swimming a few times, but only once was it on purpose. Finally, we hit the classic, the iconic, Blackwater Lake. This is the annual trip to Parry Sound baby! Not a summer goes by where I don't visit The Cove (aka, my aunt's cottage). Although our stay was short it was still some much-needed cottage therapy. This process involves a large assortment of food, drinks, swimming, card games, humor, and most importantly, doing diddly-squat. My lake time quota was properly filled this summer.

Say cheese

One of the goals I set for myself this summer was to see my friends as much as possible. Whether they are old friends from Brooklin or new friends from Waterloo, my people give me so much love, and spending quality time with them throughout the summer really does it for me. I always struggle with this every summer because I am likely at a softball diamond practically every night, and if not I'm working, so getting time off to see friends really means a lot to me. Sometimes I love having a chill night with a fire and rose, but I also love getting to go out and do more exciting activities. I got to visit some local friends and simply hang out and catch up, have a drink outside and watch the sunset, snuggle on the couch, and watch a movie. Calm activities with chaotic people are unmatched. Overall, I am very happy with the balance that I had this summer in terms of how I spent time with favourite people.

I don't know why I took these but I love them

Instagram photo dumps have me in a chokehold, I'm sorry I can't avoid it. The art of tailoring a monthly collection of photos is such an interesting concept to me. It's as if social media is becoming everyone's public photo album with new installations every month, and when scrolling through someone's page you really get a taste of what is going on in their life at that given time. In all honesty, I don't hate it. I am a Pisces so any opportunity I get to romanticize something I am taking it and bolting. You may ask yourself, "Why does she have a picture of tomatoes in her car?", and I'll have you know, that is an excellent question. Maybe it's the bowl of fruit and potatoes you're confused about or a simple cloudy day through a window. Whenever I catch myself in a wholesome, weird, unique, out-of-body experience that I want to remember vividly, my gut instinct is to take a picture. Then months (or just a few hours) later I get to scroll through my camera roll and question why I have a photo of my lunch one day, or a bouquet of dead geraniums, or a shot glass with a lizard on it. It helps generate more of a vivid memory. Honestly, it's stupid and I love it.

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