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  • Sydney Daniels

lynde shores

A quick birthday trip to visit the birds.

Lynde shores is probably one of my favourite places in Whitby to shoot wildlife (not that way, calm down). With it's abundance of feathered and fuzzy friends, it's a great place to practice photographing animals, especially birds. Let me tell you, trying to shoot chickadees and finches is not for everyone, and requires some serious patience and determination. But the best way to get those quality shots is to just keep trying. (Shooting continuous frames is also really helpful, then you can pick out your favourites later.)

At Lynde shores, there's plenty of ways to interact with its residents living there. As soon as you enter the conservation area, you'll be able to spot some amazing wildlife. On certain trails you can even bring specific types of bird seed to try feeding the chickadees! However, this doesn't mean you get to try feeding all the animals you see. The park asks you to only feed the chickadees, so don't bother bringing bread to try feeding the ducks (it's actually very harmful to them and can cause malnutrition).

Wings and paws and beaks, oh my!

Lynde shores is an amazing park for a great connection with local wildlife. You could walk down any trail and you're (almost) guaranteed to find some geese, turkeys, chickadees, or squirrels roaming around. If you're lucky, you could even see some more graceful-looking birds, like swans or herons. The park is a great place some practice shooting, or just to spend some quality time with nature.

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