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  • Sydney Daniels

fall colours

I don't know what it is, but dying leaves are so pretty.

Although short and sweet, fall has to be one of the best times of the year. There's a certain point in late September-early October that's the best weather we'll see all year. Warm enough to go for a bike ride but not too warm where you need a jacket: sweater weather. My favourite fall-activity is just wandering aimlessly around my neighbourhood and through little forests to a sea of fiery colours. Sure, I do this all year-long, but fall just hits different. The turn of the seasons is such a gorgeous spectacle to observe, and it changes all the time, so there's something new to look at everyday until winter.

In fall, trees basically transform into entirely brand new specimens when their leaves change colour. We become accustomed to the generic, leafy-green trees we see on a daily, but in fall, that completely changes, I think for the better. Even though we love trees and their services year-round, there's just something about their preparation for winter that no one can ignore. Plus it's really cool to see other creatures preparing for hibernation as well, like squirrels and songbirds.

Fall: the season of five senses

In my humble opinion, I believe that fall is the season that we are most sensitive to (in a good way). There's something about this time that pleases, or at least acknowledges, all five our senses. Obviously, for sight we have the gorgeous leaves. For smell, anything relating to a pumpkin or bonfire is perfect, but even the dry smell of leaves works too. Sound is the crunching leaves beneath your feet while you're on a walk. Touch is the cool fall breeze that brushes through the leaves and the holes of your sweater (because that's all we wear in fall). Now you're probably wondering, "Syd, how do you taste fall?", and no it's not pumpkin spice lattes. The answer, the taste of leaves that your sister threw in your face thinking it would make a cool picture. It's not the most flavourful, but it's definitely a reoccurring flavour I experience every year. (That's not just me, right?)

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