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My friend's prom got cancelled, so we had a photo shoot.

This is my super amazing friend, Meghan. She, like many other's, was part of the doomed class of 2020. Her senior year got kind of screwed over because of this whole corona virus thing, so instead of wasting a beautiful prom dress, we decided to have a photo shoot (while social distancing, obviously).

We had a lot of fun doing this because neither of us are professionals. There was plenty of laughter, confusion, and wind during this shoot, but it was totally worth it. It was also great to have some help from her dog, Kowalski.

The one where prom got cancelled...

Meghan, like the majority of this year's graduating class, was pretty bummed with the state of her senior year. This photo shoot was my way of congratulating her on all the work she's put into this school year, and for getting accepted at Ryerson University, plus it was a great way for me to practice shooting something other than birds and plants (for once).

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