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  • Sydney Daniels

a shoot with a teen perspective

Helping the team with their "move-in day"

I recently got the opportunity to work with a few friends of mine to shoot photos for their new blog, A Teen Perspective, "a blog written by today's youth surrounding issues on a global scale". The blog is run by executive director, Siobhan K, who has put together a team of amazing writers and story tellers to create new blog posts about a wide variety of topics, like mental health, politics, and activism.

During the photo shoot, I was able to work with five of A Teen Perspective's team members; Siobhan (executive director), Mia (secretary), Saskia (special projects manager), Sadie (head of graphics), and Ella (social media coordinator). These girls are part of a wonderful team that strive to educate and inform today's youth about today's world. (They are also very lovely people and were so fun to work with.)

"A blog by teens, for teens!"

A Teen Perspective have recently been "relocated", and now have a brand new website! You should definitely go check it out, as well as their social media pages on Instagram and Facebook @ateenperspective. If you're interested in joining the ATP team, you can submit an application to become a writer, or you can send in your art to be featured on their Youth Spotlight column. It was such a pleasure to work with this wonderful team, and I can't wait to read more from them in the future.

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